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    Premium Service

    Give your bike the full 'Spa Treatment' including a complete strip down and an intensive Service!


    Advanced Service

    An Advanced service is recommended every 12 Month for commuters and higher mileage riders.


    General Service

    A General service is recommended every 6 to 12 Months.


    Service on Assessment

    Get your bike assessed and then receive a quote.


    Electric Advanced Service

    An Advanced Service is recommended every 24 months and includes diagnostics and updates


    Electric Standard Service

    A Standard Service is recommended every 12 Month.


    Electric Diagnostic and Firmware Update Service

    A plug in diagnostic service to identify error codes and also to update to current firmware settings.


    Bicycle Build – Adult

    Boxed mail order bike build and set up.


    Bicycle Damage Report for Insurance Companies

    A comprehensive assessment of damage and a full written report. cost refundable if work carried out by ourselves.


    Puncture Repair Excluding Inner Tube. Manual Bike.


    Puncture Repair Excluding Inner Tube. Electric Bike


    Software Update & Diagnostic Report


    Spoke Tensions Balanced & Wheel Re-trued for Alignment

    Professional wheel true and tension. Cost of spokes not included.


    Tyres Inflated to Correct Pressures & Inspected for Wear

    Air is still free.

    Prices are subject to change depending on servicing requirements