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Find and compare
local bicycle mechanics

Searching for a professional bike service or repair in your area? Save time, money and hassle by searching for a bike mechanic in your area with bikebook.

What service do I need?

A bike service can prolong the life of your bicycle

Whether you’re searching for a bike service or mobile bike repair, we can put you in touch with local mechanics in your area.

Regular bike servicing can pick up defects before they worsen and prolong the lifetime of your bicycle. Bikebook allows you to search a huge database of local mechanics to find the right person for the job.

Say goodbye to long internet searches for a ‘bike service near me’. We’ve got you covered!

Why use local mechanics with our help?

Your search for ‘bike repair near me’ is over. Bikebook have done the hard work by finding all of the hard working local mechanics and putting them into a single place.

By choosing bikebook to find a local mechanic in your area, you can rest assured you will find a mechanic that will suit you and you can enjoy these exciting benefits!

Save Money

Don’t trade in your bicycle for a new model just yet. Bikebook can put you in touch with a local mechanic who can save your pride and joy.

Save Time

Whether you’re searching the internet for ‘mobile bike repair near me’ or local mechanics in the area, bikebook gives you access to thousands of options — all listed in one place.

Support Your Local Mechanics

Don’t give your money to national bike servicing centres that don’t have a connection to your local area. Support your local mechanic with our help.

What makes a bikebook bike service different?

We’re on a mission to make finding a mobile bike mechanic or bike service professional in your area a quick, simple and affordable experience. That’s why we’ve developed a platform that puts you in charge.
Compare services, reviews and prices to find the best local mechanics for your needs

Compare services, reviews and prices to find the best local mechanics for your needs

Get Organised

Connect with local mechanics directly

More Business

Use bikebook for free — whether you’re an owner or a local mechanic

More Business

Choose mobile bike repair and service professionals based on honest and transparent reviews

More Business

Search for a mobile bike mechanic at any time of day — or night!

More Business

Grow your bike service and repair business with our help


How it works

Bikebook is the only online platform that allows you to search for a ‘bike service near me’. We’ve worked hard to develop a user-friendly interface that gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions about bike servicing and repair.

1. Search

Start the search for a ‘bike service near me’ by entering your postcode and the level of service required. Based on your requirements, the bikebook platform will deliver a range of results. Browse the local mechanics to find the perfect person for the job.

2. Contact

Once you’ve decided on your preferred local bike mechanic, selected a booking time and choose the optional extras you require. Your chosen mechanic will contact you directly to make all the necessary arrangements.

3. Deliver

Deliver your bike to your chosen mechanic on the agreed date. Not able to deliver? That’s not a problem — you can search for mobile bike mechanics in your area, too.

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Our story

As cyclists ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to trawl the internet for a ‘bike service near me’. We wanted to create an online platform that makes searching for local mechanics simple and quick. That’s how bikebook was born.
Who are we?

Above all else, we are passionate cyclists who believe that bike servicing and mobile bike repairs should be accessible and affordable. We bring cyclists and local mechanics together to ensure everyone gets a great deal. The cyclist gets an affordable repair or service, and the mechanic gets the opportunity to win new business and grow their profile.

Why we built bikebook

We created bikebook because of our own desire to find local, independent bike mechanics at affordable prices. Whether we wanted a bike service or a quick repair, we discovered that finding local mechanics was a long and laborious process. We thought about the service we’d want to use ourselves — and then we created it!