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Bikebook allows a cyclist to find the correct level of bicycle service that is right for them. We work by displaying all the bike mechanics in your local area, allowing you to compare reviews, price and distance. This is achieved through bicycle mechanics signing up to bikebook and creating their profile, which then shows the services they offer and at what price.

Easy, just put in your postcode and the service you require. Bikebook will then display all the mechanics in your area that are offering your desired service. You then simply click the enquire button which will allow you to contact the shop directly via an email.

You can narrow down your search results by using the filters:

  • Type of service: To help find a specific level of service
  • Distance: View mechanics that are closest to your postcode.
  • Reviews: Compare mechanic’s ratings based on their previous bikebook or google reviews.
  • Extras: Any other services the mechanic offers.

All of the mechanics that sign up to bikebook are rigorously verified by us to ensure they are able to offer the high-class bike service that you require. In addition, should you not be pleased with any service that you have found on bikebook then please report this to us and we will ensure that there is a full investigation to ensure that it does not happen again.

We are a new start up company and are working towards expanding across the U.K and hope to be in your area soon. You can sign up to our email list here to receive updates of our expansion and to hear about other events that bikebook is running. If you are a bike mechanic and wish to sign up to bikebook please click here and follow the steps to setting up your bikebook account.

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We have to verify each mechanic that signs up to the bikebook platform to ensure that the information about the location is correct and that each profile is displaying the correct reviews. However, the verification process should take no longer than 48 hours. If you have not heard from us within this time, please contact us and we will resolve the problem as fast as possible.

The verification process is necessary to confirm your location and that the reviews are correct. This is to ensure that the information we are displaying to customers is accurate. Therefore, once this is complete, you will have total freedom to update and change your bikebook profile to reflect the services that you offer

We have designed the profile set up to have full customisation of your services, as we understand that there is no ‘standard’ service between mechanics and offerings may vary slightly. We have tried our upmost to include all the possible servicing items. However, if we are missing something please contact us and we will add it for you.

If you do not offer a standard set of servicing options and assess each bike individually, then you will need to select the ‘service on assessment’ option on your account set up. This will just require a minimum price for you service. Your profile will then be shown as offering servicing on assessment.

It is free to display your profile on bikebook!

bikebook is a unique platform for bike shops which allows them to vastly increase their online presence. Having a larger online presence is beneficial as customers continue to find local services though search engines. Furthermore, bikebook helps to increase your visibility to new customers in your area.

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Click on the ‘Add new job’ button on the calendar tab and then fill out all the information fields. Alternative you can search for a historical client’s name and this will auto-fill the booking. Select confirm and the booking will be added to your calendar.

Your customer service history is in the ‘My Customers’ tab on the dashboard.

Yes, you can upload your existing customer database and previous service history. This can be found in the ‘My customers’ tab.

You can update the progress of the service on the job card. The service status will be able to be viewed by the customer when they log into their bikebook account. Once you’ve set the service to ‘Completed’ the customer will be notified by email that their bike is ready to be collected.

There is three ways a customer can get notified about the progress of their service. Firstly, when the status of the service changes they will be able to view this on their bikebook account. Secondly, you’ll be able to use the bikebook chat to communicate with the customer and send video/picture updates if required. Lastly, the customer will receive email updates of the progress of the service by the service tracker.

To amend a customer’s details, navigate to the ‘My Customers’ tab and search for the customer you wish to amend. After locating the customer click ‘Edit’ and make the changes you need.

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To install the booking widget on your website you can send the code to your developer. Which you can find on your account. If you are unable to do this, you can add a button to your website which can be linked to your specific Portal URL.

When you sign up for bikebook portal you can select whether you’re a mobile mechanic or not. If you are you can set your radius and area of operations in the location information under my business.

To ask for assistance you can message the bikebook team on live chat or email us at [email protected].

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You can view all of your available bookings on your calendar view. Alternatively, you can view your up and coming booking on the right-hand side in the active booking column.

Simply just reject the booking and it will dissapear from most views and you will not be charged for it.

Head over to the customers tab within your dashboard and click the dropdown for the customer. There you will find a delete option.

Currently at this time you cannot delete a customer's service history. If this is something you need you can contact support and they will arrange this for you.

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Too book a demo please email [email protected]. We can then a liaise with you a suitable time to give you a demonstration on how bikebook portal works.

Information on how to use bikebook portal can be found on the in-built tutorial – however if you wish additional support, we will be happy to help and give you a full demonstration and answer any questions you have. To book a demonstration please email [email protected].

Bikebook portal is free for your first 28 days. Following this bikebook portal is £17.99 a month plus an additional £1 per booking that is received through the basic bikebook platform. If you received a booking through the bikebook portal widget there is no additional fee.

To contact the bikebook portal team please email [email protected]

Data is stored securely on our AWS server.

We use AWS and S3 cloud services.

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Currently we only offer monthly memberships.

Information on how to use bikebook portal can be found on the in-built tutorial – however if you wish additional support, we will be happy to help and give you a full demonstration and answer any questions you have. To book a demonstration please email [email protected].

Yes, to begin your 14-day free trial card details will be required.

Bikebook portal is fully transparent, there are no additional fees.

Every booking that is received through the basic bikebook platform has a fee of £1. There are no fees for booking in a service yourself onto bikebook portal or receiving a booking through your bikebook portal widget.

The referral scheme works by recommending bikebook portal to someone. You will find a referral code on your personal dashboard. The referee will then need to input this code during their registration process which will then provide you with an additional 28 days free bikebook portal use. This 28 day free use will begin in your subsequent month.

No, you can give as many people as you like a referral, and we will give you as many 28-day free periods as you like.