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    Yellow Service

    Our top service, complete bike strip down and re-build!


    Green Service

    Our intermediate service, a thorough re-set and re-tune.


    Red Service

    Our most popular service, great for every type of bike!


    White Service

    Great for a general check up and road safety!


    Level 2 Retul 3D Bike Fit

    The most popular and all round bike fit uses Retul 3D motion capture technology to take measurements directly from the rider while they're riding under a realistic load on the bike. Every aspect of the rider motion is considered - rider strength and flexibility, seat bone measurement and saddle sizing, cleat position, knee movement - all contact points on the bike are adjusted as necessary. A full report is completed including images of before and after, final position angles achieved and full measurements of the bike post fitting.

    Prices are subject to change depending on servicing requirements