Why have your bicycle serviced?

Regular servicing is necessary to ensure your bike is running at its best. The more you ride the bike the more frequent you should be servicing it, especially after riding in dirt, sand, mud and in the rain.
  • Ryan Elson
    Published by Ryan Elson
    on 04 April 2021

Regular bike servicing is essential to ensure that your bicycle is running at its best. Especially if you ride your bike in dirt, sand, mud, and rain frequently, you should consider servicing it more often. Finding a bike service near me is easy these days, and it can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Maintaining your bike is crucial for your safety while riding. As a cyclist, you don't want to encounter a misshaped wheel when going downhill or a chain coming loose on a busy road. With a well-maintained bicycle, these risks can be mitigated, as the fault can be found and fixed before it becomes a problem.

Prevention is always better than cure, and this is especially true for mechanical devices like bikes. A bike service can save you a lot of money compared to repairing a malfunction. For instance, a high-quality chain can cost up to £50, but a 6-monthly Bronze service, which costs less than that, can provide added bonuses.

Group sets, which include cranks, derailleurs, and cassettes, can cost over £200 to replace if not properly maintained. By servicing these components, you can extend their life by 5 or even 10 times. While a gold service may seem expensive, it's a worthwhile investment in the long term.

Brakes on bicycles have evolved to using disc brakes and pads, which are more effective than the outdated cartridges. Checking that the pads are compatible with the wheel rims is crucial to ensure your safety while riding.

A buckled wheel due to poor maintenance can not only cause serious physical damage to the rider but also result in a hefty bill. Proper wheel maintenance is vital for safe and fun riding.

While basic maintenance can be carried out by an amateur cyclist, more complicated maintenance and servicing should be left to a professional. A bicycle mechanic near me can provide the appropriate knowledge, tools, and parts for the task. Find a suitable professional at bikebook.co.uk, where you can search for a nearby bike service or bicycle mechanic near me.