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A Unique Videography Opportunity for Bikebook Mechanics!

We're thrilled to bring an exciting opportunity to our talented community of bike mechanics!
  • Ryan Elson
    Published by Ryan Elson
    on 03 October 2023

We're thrilled to bring an exciting opportunity to our talented community of bike mechanics! At bikebook, we believe in showcasing the expertise and passion that fuels our community, and what better way to do that than through the lens of video content?


The Opportunity: Lights, Camera, Action for Your Bike Services!

We are offering an exclusive chance for bikebook mechanics to have their bike services professionally filmed by the bikebook team. Imagine the spotlight on your skills, the intricate details of your craft captured in high definition! This is your moment to shine and let the world see the magic you bring to every bike you touch.


How It Works:

  1. Apply for the Opportunity: Express your interest through this form, and we will select mechanics based on their expertise, diversity of services, and enthusiasm.
  2. One-Hour Filming Session: Once selected, we'll coordinate with you to schedule a one-hour filming session at your workshop or preferred location. Don't worry; we'll keep it efficient, with minimal disruption to your regular workflow.
  3. Showcase Your Skills: During the filming session, our professional videography team will capture the essence of your bike services. Whether it's a routine maintenance check, a complex repair, or a stunning bike transformation, we want to capture it all!
  4. Share Your Story: We encourage mechanics to share insights, tips, and anecdotes about bike maintenance and repair. This is your chance to connect with the biking community on a personal level.

Apply via this form.


Benefits for You, the bikebook mechanic:

  1. Visibility: The professionally shot videos will be shared on the official Bikebook social media channels, giving you exposure to a wider audience. Your skills will be showcased to not just your local community but to bike enthusiasts worldwide.
  2. Social Media Boost: We'll provide you with the video content for your personal use. Share it on your social media platforms to boost your online presence and attract more customers.
  3. Networking: Connect with fellow mechanics and bike enthusiasts who might discover your services through the videos. Collaborate, learn, and grow within the Bikebook community.
  4. Brand Recognition: Being featured on bikebook's official channels adds credibility to your skills. It's not just about fixing bikes; it's about being recognized as a top-tier professional in the biking world.

This opportunity is offered to those in London and South of London(Sussex, Surrey, Kent) due to videographer travel restrictions. We hope to bring this further in the future.

Apply via this form.

Seize this unique opportunity to showcase your skills, connect with the biking community, and elevate your profile as a Bikebook mechanic. Apply now, and let's make your bike services the star of the show!


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