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Bikebook Gears Up for Growth: A Look at Recent Updates

Bikebook has been buzzing with activity lately, and we're thrilled to share some of our recent updates with you.
  • Ryan Elson
    Published by Ryan Elson
    on 28 January 2024

Bikebook has been buzzing with activity lately, and we're thrilled to share some of our recent updates with you.

1. Building a Better Bike Workshop: Introducing Our New Software

We're not just connecting cyclists with mechanics anymore; we're revolutionising the way workshops operate! Our brand-new workshop management software is currently in development, and it's going to be a game-changer. Imagine a sleek, intuitive platform that streamlines bookings, tracks inventory, and makes customer service a breeze. That's the future we're building, and it's coming soon!

2. Fueling the Future: Bikebook Secures Investment

Get ready for an injection of pure cycling adrenaline! Bikebook has secured its first investment, and we're using this boost to accelerate our growth and development. This means more features, better connections, and an even stronger cycling community. We're partnering with investors who share our passion for two wheels and our vision for a world where cycling is accessible, convenient, and a blast for everyone.

3. Verifying with Vigilance: Keeping Bikebook a Trusted Space

We know you wouldn't trust your prized bike to just anyone, and neither do we. That's why we're working hard to verify every mechanic on our platform. Our team is like a squad of cycling detectives, meticulously reviewing qualifications and ensuring every profile is accurate and reliable. So, when you book a service on bikebook, you can rest assured you're in the best hands.

4. Hitting the High Gears: Business Booms at Bikebook

And the good news just keeps rolling in! Bikebook is breaking records, with over 1054 businesses now using our platform. That means more mechanics, more workshops, and more ways to keep your bike running like a dream. We're proud to be the UK's largest database of registered bicycle mechanics, and we're just getting started!

5. Stay Tuned for More!

This is just the beginning of the Bikebook adventure. We've got a whole lot more in store, from exciting new features to even deeper connections within the cycling community. So, keep your eyes peeled on our blog and social media for the latest updates. And remember, the road ahead is paved with two wheels, passion, and a whole lot of bikebook!


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