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    King of the Mountain

    The King of the Mountain service gives your bike the complete works. Your bike will come back to you feeling like the first time it rolled out of the shop. We'll strip your bike down to frame and forks, service, clean and adjust every nut, bolt and component and rebuild it good as new. This service offers great value for money and will really help properly maintain your bike. We will even give your bike a nice clean, buff and shine to make it look extra special! A KOM service is recommended every 18-24 Months.



    “The Domestique”. Our interim service that covers the 15 point checklist below, focusing on your gearing, braking and drive train systems. In addition, we will de-grease and lubricate components, grease and torque all bolts to spec and carry out any tweaks and adjustments specific to your particular bike. This service will leave your bike running smoothly, safely and ready to ride. A Domestique service is recommended every 12 Month.


    Basic Service

    A basic service is recommended every 6 Months.


    Service on Assessment

    Get your bike assessed and then receive a quote.


    Standard Bike Fitting

    Help to optimize comfort, performance and efficiency.

    Prices are subject to change depending on servicing requirements